Varsey, a Rhododendron Sanctuary in West Sikkim is a traveler’s paradise

Varsey, a Rhododendron Sanctuary in West Sikkim is a traveler’s paradise

The Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary lies in the southwest corner of the West Sikkim area. Spreading more than 104 sq. km, over the well-honed Singalila Range, which shapes the common global outskirt with Nepal. There are three entry points in Versey, they are from Hilley, Dentam, and Soreng. Tourists prefer Hilley since it is accessible by road. The harness way from Hilley to Varsey is a top pick among travelers, particularly during the Rhododendron blossoming season. The wildlife of Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary includes Leopard cat, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Himalayan Palm Civet, Himalayan Langur, Crimson Horned Pheasant, Monal Pheasant, Kaleej, and numerous different types of birds.

Varsey – A 4 km simple trek from Hilley through Singalila covered with Rhododendron timberland and it takes around 1 ½ hrs to 2 hrs to cover this short distance. As the road approaches Varsey, the wonderful view on Kanchenjunga Massif arises to welcome. Going through a night or two in this distant Himalayan valley where the marvellous presence of Kanchenjunga Massif is constantly felt with rich green woods, named and anonymous flying creatures and wild creatures are consistently worth.

Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is additionally identified with Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker who made an examination on Flora and Fauna in Singalila Range and distributed a book in 1849 named “Rhododendrons of Sikkim”, which is as yet viewed as a true txt regarding this matter.

From Varsey some short and long trips can be organized to Uttarey, He-Bermiok, Dentam, Phalut, and so on.

The climate is wet and cold preferring the spread of the prevailing sort Rhododendron. July is the wettest month, with the normal yearly precipitation being more than 250 cm. The spans above 2500m get ordinary snowfall in winter. Clear skies can be experienced distinctly from November to May.


  • A certain set of accepted rules has been outlined to keep up the maintainability of these parks and sanctuary. Guests are mentioned to follow the accompanying Code for Conservation
  • Leave just impressions, take just photos High height vegetation is fragile
  • Avoid stomping on, follow trails, and don’t pick plants or blossoms. Do not upset natural life or its living space.
  • Do not accept jeopardized creature or plant items
  • Use lamp fuel or packaged gas for cooking, warming, and lighting; try not to utilize kindling. Guarantee that you and your staff are appropriately furnished with comfortable garments and fuel. Conveying plastics inside the asylum is prohibited
  • Avoid littering

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