Top 7 Most Interesting Tourist Spots of Purulia

Top 7 Most Interesting Tourist Spots of Purulia

re you willing to surprise yourself with the most uncommon things in a common magnificence? Then you should be visiting Purulia. A hidden gem situated in the westernmost region of West Bengal, Purulia has the potential to surprise any travel enthusiast with many undiscovered secrets. The place is known to all of us for the red soil and the red sprouts of Palash has much more to offer to the visitors. It has a rich cultural heritage to boast of apart from archaeological unearthing, sanctuaries and antiquated structures.

Tourist spots of Purulia are also blessed with unique natural features that is unseen anywhere else. It can surprise you with its variety of natural wonders ranging from lavish green scenes to verdant slopes, dense forest to red soils, each being so different from the other that they are real feast for one’s eyes.

Here is an insight to some of the most interesting tourist spots in Purulia that you may be interested to explore this winter. The place that tops the list is none other than the Ayodhya Hills. Ayodhya Hills: The most impressive pinnacle of Ayodhya Hills is none other than Goraburu. Legend has that Lord Ram and Sita has stayed in Ayodhya Hills during the exile. It is a treasure for the nature lovers. It is the most sought-after place for the youthful mountain climbers. Get in touch with the locales in the closest populated town of Bagmundi. There are also nearby places to visit like Turga Dam and a waterfall formed by a local river called Bamni. You can easily get trains that regularly connect Ayodhya with the major cities like Kolkata. Buses are also available at regular intervals. Best time to visit is between September to March. Expect clear sky and chill weather during this time which can add even more excitement to your fun.

Joychandi Pahar: The slope is named after Chandi Maa. There is a little sanctuary over this slope. Apart from this you can explore various little lakes in the nearby area. To get to this place you need to commute from Purulia to Raghunathpur. The place is a little secluded from the nearest town. It remains hot most of the time and you will not notice much source of drinking water so it is advisable to carry drinking water with you.

Para: If you want to feel like a vacationer to the previous era, you should visit Para. Get to relive in the historical era when the east met the west in the hands of the Muslim invaders. Para is a marvellous instance of engineering excellence that will live in your memory lane for many years. Garpanchkot: Situated in the north east corner of the district of Purulia, this place is situated in the lower region of Panchet slope. Check out some beautiful views from the peak. The easiest way to reach the place is to take a train and get down at Asansol and take a trekker finally to reach within
an hour-long journey.

Baranti: A magnificent field if the Rarh field, the place is a treat for the eyes and being tranquil it can revive your soul and psyche at the same time. So if you are a health enthusiast try out this region of Ramchandrapur Irrigation project and spend some quality time in the lap of nature. Get down at Muradi station and take a transport to Baranti that is only 6 km away.

Khairabera: Khairabera is a beautiful lake that lies amidst an irrigational dam, it is among those popular tourist destinations of Purulia which are known for immense natural beauty, thick vegetation, falls and uneven terrain. Being a popular tourist destination, you can be assured that you will not be disappointed once you visit the place. If you are a little lucky, you may also come across the local festivals that take place here namely Polash Festival, Santal dance or Bhadu festivals. If you are a wildlife adventure lover, it is the right place for you too. You must travel 67 km from Purulia and there is no dearth of public transport to reach this place.

Turga Falls: Mother nature has been very benevolent while it created the beautiful cascading waterfall of Turga. The water being crystal clear almost seems like pouring down from the sky. The waterfall reflecting the sunlight looks like a silver cascade of the waterfall that is no less than picture-perfect. As if some painter has used his paintbrush to try some super strokes on a canvas. The place comes under the Gram Panchayat of Ayodhya and it takes only 57 km to reach the place from Purulia.

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